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A new tax year, a new tax return!

With the dawning of the new tax year, those in the self-assessment ‘club’ need to start thinking about submitting their tax returns for the year to 5 April 2013! HMRC are busy sending out tax return requests to those registered for self-assessment, but how many of us actually take note and file well within the deadline of 31 October for paper submissions and 31 January for online submissions?

Filing early gives you lots of useful benefits such as the possibility of reducing payments on account if relevant, the possibility of settling any tax payable below £3,000 through your 2014/2015 PAYE code, the ability to plan your cash flow better due to knowing what your tax liability is early on. Also, HMRC have 12 months to enquire into your return from the date of submission, so the earlier you submit your return, the sooner you can be certain of your position.

So get in touch and get your return done and dusted – out of the way!

We have no overheads and lots of experience so can prove a cost efficient, more personable option for those who need their return done with minimum fuss, maximum efficiency! Contact Nicky on 01730 711271 or email

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